Listing “0x” for 1500ETH


I know that there must be some folks out looking at this listing and saying “this guy has a great beard and all, but what is he thinking?” I listed my nametag “0x” for 1500ETH, and I believe that the price is only a tenth of what it will be worth in 25 years, maybe even less.


Some time ago early into my NFT journey, I had come across a small team with a rather ambitious goal. The team was known as Nametag, and they have built a second layer solution that enables usernames to work on a universal, cross-platform basis. Ownership of a nametag grants both the end user and the platform the ability to engage in the economy of usernames without investing in a new username infrastructure. Not having to refactor username infrastructure is huge, and it deserves its own article to help explain the significance of it, as it will not be explained here. However, to best deliver the message to you now, I invite you to think of it this way: imagine you have just come across an abandoned 1969 Dodge Charger R/T. The car is rusty, it doesn’t run, and its been beaten down by time. Despite its current condition, you know that it’s a wildly valuable vehicle. After a lot of TLC, the car is revitalized and is turning necks everywhere you go. This is what Nametag is doing with usernames —essentially putting some life into them. Nametag describes this long-needed evolution in further detail here:

Additionally, the utility behind Nametag enables end users to be part of the evolution of existing platforms where all the buzz is currently happening, like Twitter. Nametag has described their working use-case as a chrome extension + twitter integration that enables nametag owners to display and view their NFTs directly on twitter. Learn more about the integration here:

Avatar: The Digital Identity

I’ve spoken at length with fellow compatriots of mine about how much an individual can resonate with a certain username, continuing on to say that many folks wholly identify with their online handle. I believe this to be especially true in the gaming domain. Many people are still themselves online, and some folks become full-on characters! It’s brilliant to watch and engage with. In addition to the identity one has with their handle, there’s also a sense of recognition, notoriety, and credibility behind these handles. I think of many of modern examples where usernames are essentially proper brands; from gaming personalities like DrDisrespect & Nickmercs, to designer brands like Christian Dior & Yves Saint Laurent whose name alone operates as some sort of status symbol. These names hold weight around their respective domains, and sometimes even hold significance across industries. In the NFT community folks like Beanie, Loopify, and Clon are all individuals who only have a digital identity, and even if their actual names were to be known, I’m willing to bet that most members of the community would continue to refer to them by their online handles. Through their respective work & history in the space they have generated credibility that is unquestionably tied to their digital identity, and they leverage it even further via the creation of digital brands/businesses (venture capitals, collection vaults, DAOs, etc). I gotta show love to these folks, cause following them makes me certain that WAGMI. Bless up.

Price - 0x:5DC

The prefix “0x” is used to indicate that the number is being written in hexadecimal format. The significance of the prefix is rooted in its integral and historical utilization across the world of numeric computation & the Ethereum Blockchain Network. “0x” represents so much of what is part of Ethereum like; addresses, 0x APIs, $ZRX, and protocols (by 0x Labs) that is described as “a standard messaging format that transacting entities can use to enhance hightail assets or tokens.” I see so many folks rocking (what I consider to be) an aesthetically pleasing username with examples like 0xWave or 0xName. This first sale, whenever it comes, will be the first of the prefix’s computationally and historically valuable provenance of ownership. Individuals or organizations that want to leverage, preserve, and own “0x” are undoubtedly holding a piece of Ethereum’s history and ever-growing future. I believe we will see a day where the 0x nametag will attract offers 10 times higher than the value of this first sale. The journey of a million miles starts with one step!

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