• Welcome to the world of NFTs, presented by Quezt Gaming

Welcome to the world of NFTs, presented by Quezt Gaming

Curiosity is rewarded here.

The Checkpoint

Our discord server is home to many vibrant travelers throughout the metaverse. In it, you will find FREE educational resources that have been gathered for you, as well as additional materials to make your onboarding process as smooth as possible. The Checkpoint is also home to a wonderful community of folks from all walks of life. A home where we believe video games are awesome, and that NFTs will change the world. Reach The Checkpoint.

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About Quezt Gaming

What started as an apparel company has since transformed to a springboard for the technologists of tomorrow. Quezt Gaming is the first and only Esports organization focused on enabling content creators, professional gamers, and modern-day players with the tools and insights to leverage Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Our mission is to serve our community of streamers, competitors, and casual gamers by spurring growth, mindfulness, and the skills to be impactful.

The Team

Christian "uhmQuez" Vazquez

Founder & CEO of Quezt Gaming. Engineer by trade, gamer by passion. Son of two Cuban immigrants, and the oldest of two brothers. Quez is an avid dreamer & visionary, and he aims to become one of the most transcending humans in history. Quez enjoys jumping into the (very early) metaverse from the comfort of Florida's sunny beaches. "Las vibras tienen que estar en punto!" (The vibes have to be on point!)